Samples of My Work

Articles Hiring Hub, “Five Reasons to Improve Your Website Photography & How to Do It,” May 2015

Chief Marketer’Guide to Social Media Integration (two articles, “Social Media Integration” and “Trends to Watch”), September 2014

PRO Awards profiles for Chief Marketer, July 2014 and July 2013

Retail Leader, “Fighting Back Against Cyber Attacks,” May/June 2013

Multichannel Merchant, “Dynamic Personalization Produces Dynamic Results," December 2010

Catalogue e-business, “Profile: Johnnie Boden,” January 2009

CataBLOG e-business, “Royal Mail vs the CWU: Misconceptions and Misdemeanors,” October 2009

Walford Gazette, Playing Happy Families in Walford,” autumn 2008

Product copy

Sales copy for Vacation Rental Pros, 2013 to present

Sales copy for One Kings Lane, December 2010-present


Chief Marketer/IBM white paper, "Social Media Savvy: Engagement Strategies for the CMO," November 2012

Royal Mail podcast on the essentials of a successful catalogue, January 2009